Bosom Pals were approached by a group of girls from Bedford Girls High School who wished to do their school project on our Charity. They had chosen us because family members had been affected by breast cancer.

Pauline and Brenda met the girls at the Swan Hotel and discussed our charity and the girls explained that they needed to do a presentation and if they won we could win £1k. They asked questions etc. and then went away and put their presentation together.

They came across very passionately and professional.

There were 24 entries in the competition and the girls were lucky enough to be in the top 6 which meant they had to present to a judging panel at the school so Denise, Pauline and Brenda attended the event to support the girls.

They did really well but unfortunately they didn’t win, but we were all so proud of them. They came across very passionately and professional and we were so pleased they had chosen us.

So we would like to thank them for choosing us. Above is a photo of the three students who gave the presentation, Danae, Rosie and Amelia. There were also two other members of the group who could not attend, they are Aakriti and Ada.