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Casting for recovery is a non-profit support and educational programme for women who had or have had breast cancer. Casting for Recovery provides retreats designed to promote and support mental and physical healing. It combines fly fishing, counselling and medical expertise. The retreats offer a respite, support and information in beautiful and peaceful settings. Any women who has experienced breast cancer is eligible to apply to attend a retreat (with medical clearance from their doctor). Retreats are usually at the weekend and include accommodation, meals, counselling and professional casting and fishing instruction, all at no cost to participants. Trained medical staff and fly fishing instructors are on hand at all times.

Two retreats are being advertised at the moment one in Kimbridge-on-the test on 25 July and a second one in the Republic of Ireland on 12 September. For more info follow this link: Casting for recovery retreat dates and venues.

Or write to:

Casting for Recovery
PO Box 3611

Why Blue and Gold?

Surely the colour for cancer charities is pink? 

There have been comments and questions from many members as to why Bosom Pals, Bedford, have blue and gold as the Group colours instead of the universal pink.

We chose our colours before pink became the universal colour.

This goes back many years.  The Group have held many fund raising activities such as sponsored walks and cake stalls in the past and we decided that we needed something that identified us.

Creating sashes to give us identity

Adriana’s mother offered to make sashes for us.  Several members went shopping for fabric.  We went to several shops in the town and settled on the royal blue as it was the one colour that a shop had sufficient material for our needs.

Adriana’s mother made about thirty sashes and Adriana and I took the sashes to a printer with the idea that we would have Bosom Pals printed in white but the printer suggested that gold was a better contrast on the blue.

So the blue and gold was adopted as ‘our’ colours.

Our daisy logo came about in a similar way

The committee of the time decided that we should update our posters.

Along with several other people, Margery Price’s granddaughter, Helen, submitted several designs and the common feature on all of her designs was the daisy on a blue background.  We liked the idea of the daisy and our President, June, said that she felt that the Group members supported each other in the same way that a daisy chain supports the one on either side of it.  And so was born our logo of a daisy chain on a blue background.

What about the pink ribbon?

The pink ribbon became the symbol of Breast Cancer charities by accident.  October has been Breast Cancer Awareness Month for many years. One year, one of the large cosmetic companies in America decided to raise funds for breast cancer charities by selling pink ribbon bows in some stores.

The idea took off and soon became the international symbol of breast cancer awareness and charities.

So many things we take for granted come about quite by chance.

Janet Ibberson