In July some of us attended two sessions at the Happy Body Project.

We arrived at 10:30 for coffee and biscuits and to organise ourselves into two groups of ten.

We had booked the two yurts out the back of the centre. The first yurt is where the aromatherapy session took place. This involved a talk by Sam the aromatherapist who then let us loose on her essential oils. There was a book to guide us what each oil is good for like if you can’t sleep etc. – everybody’s little bottle or nasal spray smelt completely different.

Everybody had been asked to bring a packed lunch so we retreated to the main room to have tea/coffee and lunch.

Such a peaceful sound that a few people did go to sleep!

The two groups then changed yurts and so our group below was now in yurt 2. This session was a Sound Bath…. Mmm interesting! No water was involved!! Most of us were able to lay on the floor where Donna the therapist gave us a calming chat followed by a rain maker sound, which did exactly what it said. This was then followed by very soft chimes made from various bowls and rattles. Such a peaceful sound that a few people did go to sleep!

Then back to reality and time for coffee and cake back in the main building before we all set off home feeling very relaxed and calm.

We are hopefully going to organise another event at a later date so hopefully more members will be able to join us.